What to do in Canowindra NSW

Canowindra may be hard to pronounce, but it’s easy to be taken in by the country charm of this town. In case you’re wondering it’s pronounced ca-noun-dra. We dropped in to see the Age of Fishes Museum, but found there’s much more to Canowindra than ancient fish fossils!

For history buffs

Allow a few hours and bring a picnic lunch or bbq makings to The Age of Fishes Museum. It’s fantastic with displays of fish fossils from the Devonian Period estimated to be more than 350 million years old. That’s older than dinosaur fossils! There’s also live aquarium displays and recreations of life from ancient times. The fish fossils were found by chance near Canowindra during road works in the 1950s. The Museum has a lovely picnic area, bbq and the poshest picnic tables around. The tabletops are gorgeous “Grandee granite” from a nearby quarry. The Museum is open every day and there is an admission fee.

For foodiescanowindra-nsw-jeremy-braithwaite-photography

Sample the excellent local food and wines. We loved the local wines, especially the locally produced organic wines. There are a few local vineyards with tasting rooms, but we went to the very convenient Taste Canowindra. They have a selection of local wines available for tasting as well as a beautiful restaurant.

For shopperscanowindra-age-of-fishes-4-nsw-jeremy-braithwaite-photography

Just over the road from Taste Canowindra is the Canowindra Trading Post with an absolute treasure trove of goodies to browse, as well as a café and courtyard. There’s also more interesting shops, cafes and galleries along the town’s main street, including the renovated Finns Store.

For adventurerscanowindra-finns-nsw-jeremy-braithwaite-photography

The area around Canowindra with gentle winds and beautiful open country is perfect for ballooning. The town is known as the Australian Ballooning Capital. If you would like to see the balloons “in action” before you venture aloft, Canowindra hosts a Balloon Festival each April.

For travellers

Canowindra has plenty of parking, accommodation, and a bunch of beautiful cycling trails. Our bikes will be coming with us on our next visit to Canowindra!canowindra-age-of-fishes-2-nsw-jeremy-braithwaite-photography

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Words by TruBlu Travelling, photos thanks to Jeremy Braithwaite Photography.