Clever Clearview Towing Mirrors!

Clearview mirrors have been around for about six years but the genesis of this great product began around ten years ago when Mike Cowan designed the original concept while cooped up in a motel room fighting an illness.screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-07-20-pm

Mike has a background in motor sport, trucking and manufacturing and he had previously adapted a set of overseas mirrors to fit his Toyota. He immediately saw the potential for an after-market upgrade and so did lots of people who saw his modifications and wanted a set for themselves.

The original concept drawings, now proudly displayed on the wall at Clearview HQ went on to become a prototype. The crux of the design was then developed and improved over a number of generations to maximise the strength, mechanics and design of the mirrors. By the time the Clearview Towing Mirrors were fully developed they had reportedly become the best towing mirrors on the market.

Clearview has mirrors to fit an enormous range of vehicles and they are designed to be fitted to complement the original set-up of the vehicle. The fitted mirrors look, by design, as if they have been installed during the vehicle manufacture. They sit out a mere 100mm (approximately) further tscreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-07-39-pmhan the original mirror, but it doesn’t take long to realise that the extra distance is there to provide that much extra rear vision.

We have just had a set of mirrors fitted to our Mazda BT50. Not only do they look great but the added rear vision is amazing in both day-to-day driving and towing. The mirrors have two sections, one larger upper mirror which is controlled by the original mirror adjustment controls, and one lower concave mirror which gives the driver a close-up view down both sides of the vehicle, thus eliminating any blind spots.

When you are setting up to tow you simply slide the mirrors out along the ‘arms’ to their full extent and this gives you the same clear vision, but it now extends that vision out past your van or trailer.screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-07-31-pm

The other really noticeable feature of these mirrors is their stability. Di and I watched the fitting process to our car and it was clear that the strength of the mounting at the base of the mirror, in conjunction with the extremely solid and secure method by which it’s fitted to the door means that there’s no chance of them coming loose.

The mirrors fold in to the side of the door when required allowing you to reduce the profile and create some space around your vehicle while parked. If by chance someone knocks them forward, thescreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-08-12-pmy also fold that way to absorb any impact. In both situations the mirrors are made to stop before they touch the bodywork of the car and cause any impact, so both the mirrors and the paintwork are protected.

To find out more on these amazing Clearview Mirrors visit their website