Tasmania’s South West Beauty with Wild Pedder!

For those who dare to venture, Wild Pedder offers you an experience of a lifetime. Owner operators Lou and Cody are passionate about sharing the incredible diversity and experiences that can be had in Tasmania’s wilds.

The dream of two young Tasmanian entrepreneurs – Best mates Cody and Lou.

The two men forged a friendship guiding along the deserted beaches of the Bay of Fires, with a shared passion for the endless pleasures and benefits of the wilderness, it wasn’t long before the Wild Pedder idea was spawned.

This multi-day wilderness experience offers a range of different activities such as:

  • Hiking up the beautiful mountain of the National Park
  • Kayaking down the pristine Lake Pedder
  • Walking through some of the craziest rainforests in the world.

Intimate group sizes of up to 8 people are welcomed and the trips can be tailored to your needs.

Whilst the Wild Pedder activities are not extreme in any sense, there is still a requirement for a reasonable level of fitness to both ensure your safety, and for your enjoyment of the experience. So get fit and explore South West Tasmania’s beauty.

To learn more or to book your experience with Wild Pedder visit their website!