The Talented Howard Steer, Hard at Work!

Tania Visits one of Australia’s most wonderful artists, Howard Steer!

Broken Hill is Synonymous with great art, Howard Steer’s work is just one of a kind!

View some of his pieces!

About Howard Steer

Howard William Steer born in 1947 is a Broken Hill artist. He developed the foundation for what he calls “Story Art”, where each painting tells its own story, be that of a backyard wedding or a Sunday afternoon pub crawl. A prime example is the “Flying Doctor” series featuring a winged, black-suited saviour complete with top hat and bag. He has a wicked sense of humour and no subject is safe from his satirical brush. Howard’s style is classified as naive realism.

His inspiration – keeping the Aussie tradition going, through Aussie names, themes, titles and cars.

Howard mentions his artwork is very bright and colourful, he creates it that way so the viewers feel happy, cheerful and can even have a laugh or two at the humour found in his paintings.

Howard has just recently released a book, check it out!

Interested in learning more? Visit the website!