Sunsets and Roses NSW

We have all seen wonderful sights over the years and I am no exception, but I ask, have any of these sights really moved you?  Well the other day one did.  I was driving along the base of the Blue Mountains when I saw the beginning of a magnificent sunset.  You know the type.  The clouds start to get that pink tinge around the edges and the sky was still a gorgeous blue.  I made a comment to my companions and typically we had a quick look probably grunted and went back to what we were doing.

Some trees and building flashed past as we continued our journey.  The traffic slowed and finally stopped for a few seconds.  I casually glanced to the west and again noted the sunset.  Only this time the sky was crimson and the pink edges around the clouds had deepened to a rick red.  Naturally I took this changing scene in but did not comment further as the traffic had started to flow again. 

More trees and buildings passed and this traffic was now a stop start frustration.  Oh to have a clear run, we would be home in a few minutes.  But that was not to be.  The traffic just stopped.  We all know that feeling, but then my eyes lazily traversed the surroundings as if trying to kill time.  When this sunset come into view over my right shoulder this same spectacular sunset we had witnessed earlier had exploded with one of the most amazing sunsets.  The clouds had turned a vibrant crimson, the sky had darkened a little more and the giant red / crimson ball was resting on the now purple ‘blue mountains’. 

I again commented to my companions and together we took in this magical sight.  We both watched the sun drop behind the mountains and as if on cue the traffic started flowing again.  I was torn between pulling over to watch the remainder of the sunset or continue our trip home.

It was on a matter of a few minutes until we were home with the sun now fully below the mountain and the sky darkening.  The clouds whilst still sporting some crimson now turning quite dark.  I watched the last of the crimson turn to grey.  What a sunset I thought.

Still under the spell of Mother Nature’s wonder the thought of this event happens every day but we don’t see it every day do we?  Why? A good question.  Heavy cloud cover, rain could explain a few.  Maybe we are looking down “smelling the roses” or as I suspect just too busy doing what we are doing.

The ladies are very good at multi-tasking but I recon us fellas could, if we put our mind to it, smell the roses and appreciate those magnificent sunsets old Mother Nature gives us each day.

Give it a go and take the time to appreciate the wonders around us that we quite often take for granted.

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