Quilpie’s magnificent seven

Quilpie, on the edge of the outback in southern Queensland, is a top town. But are there really seven magnificent things at Quilpie? We think so.

1 The boulder opal found in the area is exquisite. You can fossick for it, watch it being cut and polished, or admire displays at the town’s opal shops. There’s also an impressive display of opal on the altar in St Finbarr’s, the local church.

2 The 360 degree panoramic views over the area from Baldy Top near Quilpie are spectacular, especially at sunset. It’s an easy walk up to the summit of the ancient boulders that are higher than the surrounding countryside.

3 The Queensland outback is spectacular, although not always accessible. You can outsource the outback driving around Quilpie by joining the postie on the 400 km outback mail run to some of the more remote properties in the area.

4 There’s a reason most of Quilpie’s streets are named after birds. Many species of birds frequent the area including eagles, brolgas, ibis, pelicans, kookaburras and parrots. The Bulloo River Walk is a great spot for birdwatching.

5 Quilpie is on the Natural Sciences Loop. The Loop is a sealed road that lets you explore Charleville, Quilpie, Eromanga, Thargomindah and Cunnamulla as well as a few “ologies” along the way. Think geology, hydrology, meteorology, biology and palaeontology.

6 Lake Houdraman near Quilpie is an oasis with water lilies, birds and native animals. It’s a great spot to swim, picnic, fish or just watch the sun set.

7 The three artesian spas at the local caravan park provided for guests to relax in after a hard day’s exploring are sheer relaxation.

That’s Quilpie’s magnificent seven, and we reckon you’re bound to find more if you take a closer look around.

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Words by TruBlu Travelling

Photos thanks to Jeremy Braithwaite Photography

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