The Inside Scoop on Buchan!

Buchan is the first stop on the road to Canberra, so to get the inside scoop Macca, Angie and Adele ask the locals for the best stops and where to explore.

Buchan is a town in the East Gippsland Region of Victoria, Australia. The town is situated adjacent to the Buchan River, in the shire of East Gippsland, upstream from the river’s junction with the Snowy River.

Macca feels Buchan is your typical top little country town, you would find up in the mountains.

Angie and Adele visit the convenience store and explores what’s on offer, meanwhile Macca visits the Buchan Valley Roadhouse and receives some travelling advice from one of the locals.

Macca, Angie and Adele all head over to the Buchan Caves Hotel for a feed.

Buchan Caves Hotel History!

In April 2014 the 120-year-old Buchan Caves Hotel had caught alight. A local witnessed that the fire had engulfed the whole building within 20 to 30 minutes.

The morning after the fire, locals stated there was not much left of the historic pub, only the concrete clad bar walls, the bar sign and parts of the veranda remained.

The pub was the social hub of the area, so the town got together and raised about $600,000 to rebuild it, which is what you see today!