Welcome to 2017 and we wish you all the best while travelling this great country of ours. Some of you will travel to various places while others just like to head to their favourscreen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-58-57-amite spot and relax. No matter where you go, safety is the most important factor to ensure your holiday away is filled with great memories and does not end up in disaster. Experts are saying we can expect a bad bushfire season, and, when you look around there is already a lot of dry grass and tinder bush around. Some are also saying we can expect heavy rainfall in some areas, but if you take all the proper precautions, this should not deter you from heading off and enjoying a break.

If you are travelling and you sight smoke, notify authorities at once. Do not head towards the area you see it just to check it out; let fire services do that. Keep your car radio on local stations and heed all fire warning given, and if you are directed by emergency personnel to stay awascreen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-59-05-amy from an area, please do so. Use your UHF CB radio to stay in touch with fellow travellers. Keep plenty of bottled water in your tow vehicle as well as wet face washers and make sure tanks in your van are full. A first aid kit in your car as well as your van is also a must.

Naturally, fire restrictions will be in force and this means no camp fires at all, not even for cooking. Bushfires also bring out snakes and animals escaping the danger and it is important that you travel slowly along roads that are affected by smoke. Heavy rains bring flooding in some areas and again, listen to advice of emergency services and also check with folk in local towns as to where you should not go. You might think you can cross a flooded area, but, more than likely you can become bogged and stranded. Nescreen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-59-14-amver ever leave your family to go for help. Stay together, after all you should have a mobile phone and a good UHF radio to seek help. I suggest you always carry a red or orange plastic tarp, and if you become stranded, place it over your vehicle or somewhere where people looking for you will see it. If you are travelling with your furry friends make sure they have plenty of water and keep them out of heat. If you are travelling long distances make sure you have adequate fuel and water. Finally, keep in touch with family and friends at home and let them know where you are and where you will be heading to. In the event of any mishap this will help those who may have to look for you.

We wish you all safe and happy travels in 2017!