Gold Nugget Tours in Kalgoorlie

Prospect some of your own gold with Gold Nugget Tours in Kalgoorlie, Marty chats to Macca about their 7-day tours.

Follow in the footsteps of ghosts of the past.

Their gold prospecting tours run from May to October. This is a 7-day/6-night tour leaving Perth or Albany heading to the WA Goldfields with commentary on the history of the Gold Rush.

The Tour includes a visit to…

  • Coolgardie
  • Kalgoorlie Town Tour
  • Kalgoorlie Super Pit
  • Hannan’s North Gold Mine
  • Kalgoorlie Museum
  • Questa Casa
  • Mount Charlotte Reservoir & Lookout
  • Paddy Hannon Statue and the Exact Location Paddy Found the FIRST Nugget
  • Broad Arrow
  • Menzies
  • Leonora
  • Gwalia Ghost Town
  • Hoover House and Museum
  • Scenic Bush Drive and Prospecting
  • Old Deserted Mines

Meet the locals at the outback pubs and have a yarn about stories of gold and visit mines of yesteryear.

Before you spend thousands on a gold detector join those at Gold Nugget Tours and you will be taught what you need to know in finding gold and answer one of the greatest questions…

Does Lasseter’s Reef really exist? To learn more visit their website!