Forest Bathing At Mackenzie Falls

Whilst staying at the base of The Grampians, Angie & Steve finish off their trip from Ballarat to Halls Gap at Mackenzie Falls. There is water at these falls all year round so you will never be left disappointed.

Although the trek to the falls is steep, it’s definitely worth the effort as the views are absolutely spectacular. There are people of all ages at the falls so you can be assured that it’s a safe walk.

Angie and the crew do some “forest bathing”, which involves standing out in front of the falls, taking it all in and you’re left feeling rejuvenated.

Angie and Steve can see The Pinnacle from where they are staying in Halls Gap, so they decide to climb it. Although there are several steep parts to the hike, it’s very achievable. Angie learns a lot about Steve on the climb; he is an incredible movie buff! He spends the journey up showing off his trivia knowledge of films like Star Wars and The Godfather. Angie also learns that she needs to watch more movies. 

Once the pinnacle is reached it’s impossible for them not to stand at the edge and take in the stunning rock formations that surround them.