Feel Safe with RFDS!

Macca and Tania visit one of Australia’s largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations – RFDS!

Delivered by a dedicated team of professionals, using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology, and supported by a vast number of volunteers and supporters, the RFDS is vital for those that live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia.

Their mission is to provide excellence in aeromedical and primary health care across Australia!

Servicing for over 100 years, They are a great safety net for the Aussie traveler. From the Broken Hill base, they cover an area of 640,000 square kilometers within NSW/ACT

Check out the services they provide:

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Their fleet of 68 aircraft flew 26,157,502 Kilometres last year – That’s equivalent to 34 trips to the moon and back, or more than 600 flights around the earth.

RFDS Fast Facts:

  • The Flying Doctor is helping someone every 2 minutes of every day
  • 283,188 – Amount of patient contacts were made through RFDS clinics, aeromedical transports and tele-health consultations last year.
  • 62,712 – Amount of patients in rural and remote areas used their tele-health services las year
  • 14,432 Amount of nurse, GP and Dental clinics were conducted across Australia

Sue explains to Macca exactly how an Aussie traveler can receive help from the Royal Flying Doctor during their travels. If you follow these few rules, you’ll be sure to receive the help you need:

  • Ideal to have a Satelite Phone
  • Understand that you need to call 000
  • Even when you are in a remote area, the signal will still go through
  • Try to work out your co-ordinates to assist RFDS locating you
  • Always have a first aid kit handy

For more information visit their website!