Experience the Mundi Mundi Miracle!

Macca and Tania stop to take a step back, and take in one of nature’s most phenomenal shows, a sunset and star show over the Mundi Mundi Plains – True Miracle to witness!

You don’t want to visit Broken Hill without experiencing the show that nature puts on for you. Out in the Western area of NSW, the air is so dry you get to see things that you just can’t see on the coast.

Located 29 kilometers north of Broken Hill or four kilometers north of Silverton.

Mundi Mundi Plains

The Mundi Mundi plains lookout is on the edge of the world! From the top of the hill, the flat lands of the Mundi Mundi plains stretch out for an eternity. Take a self-guided walk and take a champagne picnic! Visiting at dusk and watching the sun dip behind the alluvial fans on the edge of the vast plains is an unforgettable experience.

Macca feels it’s just an amazing place to see the sunset.

Don’t think the show is over once the sun goes down and the colour in the sky has faded away, give it a few more minutes and wait for the stars to appear. It truly is a magical sight!