What else can you do… Huskisson NSW

A couple of hours south of Sydney are a real gem.  There are numerous “gems” around this great country of ours, but the one I am writing about today is Huskisson which is located on Jarvis Bay.  As you drive into this little town your speed is restricted to about 30KPH, not because of any arbitory speed limit set by some bureaucrat but the locals and tourists who meander across the road.  There is a sense of peace and tranquillity in the congestion of the round-a-bout at the end of the main street.

There is plenty of parking available but rarely have I been able to find a vacancy in the main street.  It is a must to get out of the car and join the other sightseers and just amble along the street. Perhaps buy an ice cream, a pie from the bakery or just sit and enjoy a coffee at the one of the numerous cafes.  Or just watch the world go by.

Accommodation is varied, with 2 Caravan parks offering cabins, motels or rental apartments.  There is a lovely stroll from the caravan parks along the shores of Jarvis Bay to the township.  There is always something happening on the Bay, be it kids playing in the water, sailing boats, dolphin cruise boats or even a cruise ship.  Yes I was once on a 3-day P&O Cruise out of Sydney and the weather was so rough that we spent most of the time anchored in Jarvis Bay.  Great meals can be obtained from the numerous restaurants, clubs or hotels. 

Yes that all sounds great but what else can you do?  A few minutes’ drive you could see the Lady Denman Museum (a Sydney ferry which was built in the region) or nearby be taught boomerang throwing and even purchase one after your skill has been honed.  Here are numerous beaches along the shoreline with a visit to Hyams Beach which is claimed to have the whitest sand of any beach in the world ( several other locations also make this claim) but it is certainly a “site” not be missed.  If dolphin sightseeing is your thing, then as previously stated, you could go on one of the cruises.  Scuba Diving is also very popular in the waters around the coastline.

Last but certainly not least this region is renowned for its boating and fishing but be aware that some of the bay is a marine national park and fishing is prohibited however, it is a big body of water with plenty of fish.  The last time we were there we went squidding which is real fun. We caught quite a few and quickly learnt to avoid the ‘squid ink” when bringing them on board.

No matter what your age or interest I am sure that you will not be disappointed with your visit to this truly wonderful region.

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