Pit Stops and Tyre Tips!

On their way from Mildura to Broken Hill, Macca, Tania and the gang make a pit stop for fuel while Giovanni from G&S Chassis shares some tips on utilising your tyres to the fullest.

Follow these easy tips and you will be sure to stay safe on the Great Australian Outback roads!

Having Trouble with your Suspension?

This could be because you either have too high or too low tyre pressure.

On the side wall of your tyre, it should state what the highest PSI should be. The highest PSI is the indicator for the maximum load. As the PSI is just an indicator, this does not mean that your tyre pressure needs to match what is listed on the sidewall of your tyre.

What to do when coming off a road onto a dirt road?

Giovanni suggests you pull over and release some of the air from your tyres to flatten them a little bit. This helps to make the side wall of your tyre act like a suspension which works alongside your general suspension.

Feel confident that Giovanni’s experience with Australia’s leading chassis manufacturer ‘G&S Chassis’ means you won’t have a problem with your tyres or suspension while travelling if you follow is well-respected advice!

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