Caravan Tips: Hot Tips on Thetford’s New Oven

Daniel catches up with John Simmons from Thetford to talk about the new features on their new range of oven and stove tops.

Technologies in caravans and their appliances are becoming so advanced they now include almost everything that we find in our homes. The same can be said for Thetford’s new oven. A fan has been incorporated to help improve cooking performance.

John advises that, whilst grilling, the door should be kept open and remember to pull out the deflector. This will stop the knobs from getting too hot.

This oven also has a stove-top with both gas and electric burners, and a toughened glass lid to cover them when not in use. This lid also features a power cut-off system which will turn off any burners should they be lit.

You can find out more about the Thetford oven range on their website.