Caravan Tips: Cool Tips for your Fridge

Daniel Sahlberg from CIA VIC talks handy tips about travelling with your fridge with John Simmons from Thetford.

John’s first words of advice are to turn your fridge on the day before you’re going to travel, this will ensure it’s chilled and ready for your food and drinks. In extreme weather conditions, including high humidity, make use of the fans that are attached to the back of the fridge. Also, remember to have your fridge serviced once a year as nasty things can get in from the outside vent and cause problems.

Like all fridges in the Thetford range, the N3185-E from their new N3000 series comes with a 3 year warranty. Some of the features included are electronic display, interior lights, two coolings fans and automatic energy selection. It is quiet, easy to clean, small in size but big in volume.

To find out more about the N3185-E and other products in the Thetford range, visit their website.