Visiting the Inturrisi Family Olive Farm

The Inturrisi family not only own and run G&S Chassis, they also produce their own olive oil and have invited Macca and Tania back to the arm to take a tour of where they make Kyneton Olive Oil.

Australian Made, Italian Heritage…

At the Age of ten, Paolo Inturrisi earned a wage by picking olives in the small Sicilian town of Solarino. He dreamt about having his own plantation as well as learning the Sicilian secrets of making fine cold-pressed olive oil.

At the age of 21, Paolo immigrated to Australia and that is when the Kyneton Olive Oil journey began…

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Kyneton’s processing facilities is a 2 and a half tonne per hour Pieralisi Processing Plant. Their plant not only gives them an edge of production but allows them to control the quality and texture of their pressings. The olives are harvested and pressed with a 24-hour time frame. This ensures they produce the finest quality Australian products available.

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