Unique Cooktop/Heater from Diesel Heat!

Graeme from Diesel Heat discusses their unique XC Diesel Cook Top & Heater combination.

Just like cooking at home, It’s as simple as pressing the button.

Diesel Heat have designed and produced a product perfect for your cold, winter, camping adventures. The XC Duo Diesel Cooktop and Heater suits anything from a Motorhome to a Caravan and is safer than gas.

Diesel Heat – For all your heating, cooking and water heating requirements!

They specialise in offering custom design and advice. Which is exactly what they have done when producing the XC Duo Diesel Cooktop and Heater. Their products are customarily built to suit the customer’s needs.

XC Duo Benefits Include:

  • Perfect for Small Campers
  • Saves Space & Money
  • Saves Weight
  • No need for Gas Inspections
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Clean
  • Operation is quiet

Simply transform your stove into a 1.8kilowatt heater just by closing the lid!

To find out more visit their website!