UHF radio communication is vital when on the move in a vehicle and access to reliable radio contact could be disrupted if the incorrect antenna is installed, or not installed properly.

Uniden has a vast range of antennas available to suit any terrain and vehicle, compatible with all Uniden products and other branded UHF radios. Whether you are driving through an urban or off-road environment the correct antenna will ensure that the in-car radio can
transmit clearly and effectively.

Uniden’s antennas are built with rugged and durable material and are engineered and
tested to withstand the harshest conditions where ever you are travelling with your
caravan. Uniden offer over 15 antennas which can be fitted to almost all vehicles including
sedans, trucks, four-wheel drive and agricultural vehicles. Available in two strengths (3 and 6dBi), it’s easy to transmit the best signal in any environment, from suburban areas and rural locations, to heavily forested and hilly country. 

Each antenna has unique features including flexible rubber whips for high terrain or city environments, a portable magnetic antenna for people on the move changing in and out of different vehicles, antennas with heavy duty springs to allow for tough terrain or heavy duty use, along with a four-wheel drive specific antenna.

In addition to the antenna range, Uniden also offers a variety of mounting brackets that are compatible with all Uniden antennas. The vast mounting bracket range offers users
flexibility when choosing a location to fix the antenna onto the vehicle. It is also
recommended that you consult an authorised Uniden installer regarding installation to your vehicle.

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Article by: John Westbury