Why you should have an Oricom Radio whilst travelling!

To stay in touch with your friends, family, and convoy whilst on the road, use Oricom’s handheld 2-way radios for communication you can trust!

There are lots of great reasons why you need an Oricom Radio, but 2 really stand out:

Monitoring What Else is Happening Out on the Road!

It is very handy to have good communication between friends, family and convoy members whilst on your travels, but it’s definitely handy to have access to what is happening out on the road. Oricom Radios give you access to 2 channels at the same time, so you can continue to communicate with fellow travelers as well as keeping an eye on the road ahead.

Perfect for towing assistance!

To help avoid those arguments when it comes to towing your van, Oricom Radio’s help to give clear communication between yourself and your partner. No more arguments caused by towing your caravan!

About Oricom!

Founded in 2003, Oricom is an expert in communication technologies and a leader in design and ideas.

Their driving desire is to keep people connected.

100% Australian owned allows them to have a firsthand understanding of the unique communication challenges which their customers face. This is why their products are built specifically for local conditions. Their products are engineered to be technically exact and very robust, yet designed to be as easy to use as they are good-looking.

To learn more visit their website!