A pioneer in wireless communication, Uniden has expanded its range of ultra-compact UHF CB radios with a combination of advanced features and intuitive operation. UHF radios are one of the most reliable ways to communicate with family and friends, especially over the holiday season, and particularly in remote locations where there is little to no mobile phone coverage.

The new five watt models include the flagship UH9080 UHF CB radio and scanner in one, and the UH9060 and UH9000 UHF CB radios. With a host of state-of-the-art techscreen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-50-51-amnologies and intuitive features, the new releases are ideal for a variety of road users, from long distance truck drivers through to weekend adventurers and 4WD enthusiasts.

As part of Uniden’s  professional series, the Uniden UH90xx series is of trade quality and built to professional specifications for use in motor vehicles for personal use as well as in commercial fleets. Whether it is work or leisure, the new radios are built tough for harsh Australian conditions, making this range one of the most durable and easy-to-use communication tools on the market.

Featured across the range is Smart Mic Technology – a three-way smart key which lets users toggle between various functions and a built-in dynamic speaker. A front face speaker in the microphone and a speaker in the base ensures users catch each transmission with exceptional clarity. Triple Watch lets users open scan and group scan for seamless communication across multiple channels. Available on the UH9080 and UH9060 is the unique voice enhancer feature which offers four audio settings – normal, bass, midrange and high – for crystal clear conversations.

Integrating Uniden’s world recognised BearCat scanning technology, the UH9080 operates as a radio and scanner within one device. It can scan unencrypted frequencies, UHF CB Channels and user programmable channels simultaneously, making it a vital communication tool in the event of an emergency. Instant Replay lets users record and replay recently received messages that may have been missed while away from the vehicle.

Ideal for vehicles where there are space limitations, the UH9080 has a remote head unit that can be installed discretely within the dashboard of the car’s interiors or mounted on the roof of the vehicle. For easy viewing, the UH9080 and UH9060 feature a large LCD display on the radio while the UH9000screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-50-59-am has an LCD display on the radio head. All LCD displays can be modified in up to seven backlight colours.

Key features across the UH90xx series range

  • Five watt maximum TX output and access to 80 UHF CB channels
  • Dual speaker in the speaker, microphone and base
  • Smart Mic Technology – a three-way smart key and built-in dynamic speaker ensuring users capture each transmission with exceptional clarity
  • Master Scan™ technology delivers minimal disruptions and continuous conversations
  • Ultra-compact design and 12/24 voltage makes the UH90xx series compatible for virtually any motor vehicle
  • LCD display with up to seven backlight colours to choose from
  • Five year warranty for peace of mind

Key features across the UH9080 and UH9060

  • Instant Replay – record and replay up to one minute of recently received transmissions
  • Voice enhancer with four audio settings: normal, bass, midrange and high
  • Smart key lets users toggle between various functions

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