Keep an Eye on your Rear with NCE!

NCE is pleased to announce the release of their latest innovative product for the RV enthusiast – the NCE WiFi Rear View Camera.

Designed to truly make life simple and safe when backing any vehicle, the NCE WiFi Rear View Camera is easy to use and even easier to install.

All you need is a 12VDC input power source and a smart device such as an iPhone, iPad or smartphone and you are able to navigate the tightest spots with your rear view camera.

A simple to install camera and bracket allows for positioning on the vehicle, and with transmission distance between 30m-50m, you can easily sit in the front of any towing vehicle, motorhome or even bus and have a clear view of what’s behind you.

The NCE WiFi Rear View camera can connect to multiple devices through a free App and does not require an in dash monitor to operate, unlike the majority of rear view camera’s currently on the market.

Connection is via the camera’s own WiFi setting, so no need to find or locate an external WiFi connection, features a Day and Night camera, built-in microphone, High Definition picture, tap screen power display and a tall high gain antenna for clear image transmission

The NCE WiFi Rear Camera now allows any vehicle owner to have their own easy to use and easy to install rear view camera, and all you need is a smart device and 12VDC power. 

To learn more on the NCE WiFi Rear View Camera visit this website!

To Find out more on NCE visit their website!