FUSION have thought of everything!

The new portable & waterproof speakers from FUSION Entertainment have proven to be very popular. They have officially thought of EVERYTHING!

World renowned for engineering innovative audio solutions that are enjoyed around he globe.

Specialised for the Caravan & Camping Industry their Sound Panels are satisfying for music lovers. A pair of speakers encapsulated in its own enclosure to help produce better quality sound. What music fan is not going to want one these?

Ben also demonstrates the benefits of their Audio Active Speakers.

Portable, Chargeable, Waterproof Marine Stereos which have:

  • AMF Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Port
  • The Ability to Float

So if your spending our day out in the water, don’t think need to leave your music on the shore. FUSION have you covered.

A passion for water-sports, a craving for adventure and a love of music, paddles FUSION Entertainment into a new direction.

To find out more visit their website!