Clearview’s Aussie Designed Easy Slide


screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-03-28-pmClearview’s Easy Slide is a piece of quality engineering that is Aussie designed and built to last. It looks the part and delivers on its purpose of making access to your fridge a simple and easy process.

If you drive a vehicle that has built-in drawers or if you have a tray top
on your ute that has high clearance, you may find it difficult to access your fridge or to even to see what’s inside. The idea of a fridge slide and eventually a drop-down style fridge-slide has been around for a while but they have certainly had some limitations in their operation and ease of use.

Your fridge mounts into the Easy Slide by way of tie-down straps that are specifically designed for the Easy Slide and once properly installed you should never travel with the fridge unrestrained.

The Easy Slide operates on a scissor-lift mechanism that gently lowers your fridge down 290mm, which is quiscreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-03-41-pmte a drop. Not only does it perform this easily with the use of heavy-duty gas struts, it also does it safely with the inclusion of a safety locking mechanism that prevents any sudden dropping or upward movements. Hearing the ‘click’ as the slide reaches full extension lets you know that the lock has fully engaged and you’re ready to lower. Once you’ve squeezed the handle trigger to release the lift cog it’s just an easy lowering of the fridge to a very functional height.

When the fridge and slide are locked away for travelling there’s an additional travel lock to secure the fridge and prevent rattling. It’s often the little rattles that grow to
become big problems and this device keeps everything tightly locked together. Not only does it travel well it also passes crash testing, so no stone has been left unturnescreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-03-34-pmd to provide the best possible piece of equipment.

There are various sizes of the Easy-Slide to fit the many different travel fridges available, and with a load capacity of 180Kg they can even handle the really big buggers that some people travel with these days!

For information on this great bit of gear or any other Clearview products visit their website!