Camec RV Media RGB Bluetooth Speaker/Awning Light Wins Product of the Year

The RVAA (Recreational Vehicle Aftermarket Association) in the US awards RV-Mediathe  best aftermarket RV product each year. This year the Australian designed Camec RV Media bluetooth speaker/awing light won the 2016 accessory of the year out of a field of prestigious International suppliers.pic-1

RV Media by Camec Bluetooth IPX5 rated waterproof speaker/lights make it easy to enjoy music wherever you travel as they allow you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet directly to the speaker. The speakers are easily fitted to any RV by simply replacing the RV’s awning light, or wiring them directly to the RV’s 12V system.

They are also a great option for applications like camper trailers that may not have an interior audio system as they operate as a standalone speaker. And there is no need to worry about the speaker ever running flat as it is the only RV Speaker in the world that is designed to directly connect to the RVs 12V electrical system.rv-media-app

The speaker/light features a handy inbuilt on/off switch for the light plus this premium RGB model includes a free App that is available for both Apple & Android devices that can control the speaker’s light. While the standard light colour is white, if you use the app you can select any light colour and brightness on your device from a range of up to 10M! The app also adds additional features such as the ability to select the exclusive amber Insect Light mode, the ability to turn the light on or off from your phone, a sleep timer which turns the speaker off after a period of time you select and even a colour scan mode so you can use your Bluetooth speaker as a party light.

Not only is this a great product for your RV, they are also ideal for home entertainment areas. With the addition of the optional 240V plug pack which includes an extra-long 3 screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-2-12-48-pmmeter lead to connect to the speaker/light, you can enjoy music and mood lighting from a permanently mounted speaker without the worry of a battery running flat which can happen with portable Bluetooth speakers.

To find out more about the Camec RV Media Bluetooth Speaker / Awning Light please visit their website!