Wild Woman’s Health Hike!

In celebration of Women’s Health Week (Mon 4 – Fri 8 September) women’s hiking group, Wild Women On Top, are hosting a FREE women’s happy health hike on Friday 8 September at 7am.

Starting at Sydney’s iconic Opera House, the 5km coastal hike will adventure through the Botanical Gardens in celebration of women walking with women in nature. The walk will highlight the health benefits of hiking, including the social element as well the remarkable positive impact on physical and mental health.

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Wild Women On Top Founder and Chief Adventure Chick, Di Westaway, has built a social enterprise out of inspiring and empowering women to get outdoors and improve their mental and physical health through hiking adventures.

Hiking is reportedly even better for you than exercising in a gym and a whole lot more fun. When you’re outside, you have the wind in your hair, sun on your skin, trees breathing, birds dancing and all those things that make you feel deeply good inside. And when you do it with friends, it brings pure joy!

The uneven surfaces and physical obstacles that hiking presents improves your reflexes and muscle responses. Add weather and you have a great adventure fitness experience. Even walking daily for 30 minutes in a park will make you happier and healthier. And all it costs is your time.

It’s essential for women to prioritise their health with daily physical activity because women are primary nurturers and role models for the community. The main barriers to getting women outdoors are guilt, time, money, pain and family commitments. They want women hiking with friends because it allows them to integrate fitness and social connection and it brings natural exhilaration. Not only do they become fitter and stronger, but they also feel better!

Wild Women On Top are famous for their annual Coastrek events in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. Coastrek is a team trekking challenge where participants hike either 30km or 60km’s to get happy and support charity. Since it began in Sydney in 2010, Coastrek has inspired more than 23,000 trekkers, mostly women, and raised nearly $20m for The Fred Hollows Foundation. It’s a great match because nearly 60% of the world’s blind are women.

If you are interested in learning more or you want to register visit their website!