The team from RV WiFi is not prepared to rest on their laurels, and have now pushed the boundaries of mobile technology by releasing the second generation of RV WiFi, RV WiFi+. The company launched its first model of WiFi for the Recreational Vehicle industry in 2015, enabling customers to have an easy internet experience in their caravans and motorhomes, without being restricted by mobile phone ‘hot spots’ and poor reception. Several major caravan manufacturers already offer RV Wi-Fi as standard or as an optional extra when purchasing a van. The launch of the company’s latest edition RV Wi-Fi+, in January of this year, features further enhancements, no lock in contracts, a choice of providers and a data-free streaming media centre. Their constant and innovative developments prove that RV Wi-Fi are leaders in RV Technology.

Incorporating all the great features of the first model, the second generation certainly has that ‘wow’ factor for everyone, travelling anywhere, around Australia. It has specially designed software for Recreational Vehicles, a 12 volt power connection, and features enhanced reception with the RV Wi-Fi external antenna, plus an industrial grade 3G/4G capability. There is improved Wi-Fi performance with the different styles of omni directional, low profile antennas provided, both internally and externally. Installation is easy and can be arranged through your manufacturer during the building process, or with an after-market service centre.

As mentioned above, one of the great new features is the built-in RV Wi-Fi+ Media Centre. This feature allows you to insert a hard drive or USB into the RV Wi-Fi+ router and share your movies, images or music with up to 250 devices at any one time, data free! The media centre can be used both on site, and when travelling in the towing vehicle, keeping the gang entertained!

Choose your own data provider depending on price or coverage. There are always great deals to be found in relation to data purchasing and you can swap your SIMs depending on what you need your RV Wi-Fi for. Already on a great plan? Get a DATA share SIM! Just speak to your provider to obtain one.

RV Wi-Fi+ is now compatible with the four major telecommunications providers in New Zealand: Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees and Skinny. RV Wi-Fi is also compatible with all New Zealand frequencies. This is great news not only for the New Zealand traveller and adventurer, but also for manufactures looking to break into New Zealand’s largest export industry ‘foreign exchange earnings’ – Tourism.

In breaking news, RV Wi-Fi+GX is now available on the recently launched 4GX network. You can now expect up to 6 times faster speeds compared to the current 4G network.

Interested in learning more visit their website!

Article by: John Westbury