Running the Steve Moneghetti track

Angie has organized new host Steve Hayden to meet one of his idols, ex Australian Olympian marathoner, Steve Moneghetti.

Steve Moneghetti puts Steve Hayden’s fitness to the test with an early morning run around the Steve Moneghetti Track in his home town of Ballarat. The track goes around the Ballarat lake and makes for a very scenic run/walk.

Steve Moneghetti lets Steve Hayden in on how he got into marathon running. He started off running 1500m runs and then moved up to 5000m as he got older. It wasn’t instant success for Steve though. As a young boy Steve joined Little Athletics and the coach told his father that he wasn’t “up to it”. However, years of training and hard work has got him to where he is today, setting a perfect example for any young kids that are told they can’t do something and then keep pushing to achieve their goals.

With Olympic and Commonwealth success under his belt Steve’s most important legacy is to see others challenge themselves in the sport of running. He thinks it’s great that people are pushing themselves with running and taking on new challenges with enthusiasm.

If you’re in Ballarat and feel like getting a bit of fresh air what better way than to do a few laps around the Steve Moneghetti Track!