Making everyday a masterpiece with Gerry Ryan

To recognise the outstanding contribution to the peak national body of Caravan Industry Association of Australia, the Richard Davis Award of 2017 was received this year by none other than the deserving Gerry Ryan Founder of Jayco Corporation (Australia).

Gerry Ryan’s determination, established generosity and involvement with Caravan Industry Association of Australia has made him a prime candidate and well-deserved winner for the 2017 Richard Davis Award as he carries on his late friends’ legacy in the industry. 

Catching up with Gerry at the Caravan Industry Association Australia Industry Dinner, we learn that Gerry is thoroughly committed to all aspects of his work from his ‘Let’s Go’ motorhome and camper hire business to hand out water bottles for his ‘Oria-Scott’ bike riding team in Italy. A man of many prospects, Gerry definitely piqued Angie’s interest with Michelton Winery- his winery and chocolate factory in Nagambie!

And if there is one thing we can take away from Gerry Ryan’s success, it’s to ‘live a day at a time and make it a masterpiece’.