The Light is Shinning Bright for Tania Kernaghan!

Sometimes during an artist’s career – certain songs just seem to pop up out of the blue and take on a life of their own.

“Light In The Window” 

The second single from Tania Kernaghan‘s latest album, “All Australian Girl” – is one of these special songs.

Co-written by Tania and her younger sister, Fiona Kernaghan – the story of how “Light In The Window” came about – is almost as magical as the song itself.

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“One night I was sitting in the lounge and I had a melody going around in my head and I just had to sit down at the piano and record it. A few months later when Fiona and I were writing songs for my “All Australian Girl” album, Fiona said I’ve got this lyric but I haven’t got any music for it. It was fate because my music and Fiona’s lyrics went perfectly together. It was almost like some kind of divine intervention”, explained Tania.

Fiona’s lyrics tell the story of their Grandmother who lived around the corner from them in Albury.

“When I was about 10 years old, I would love to ride my bike up the road and around the corner to visit my Nana Roberts”, says Tania.

“Nana was more than a Nan, she was a huge part of my family’s everyday life. She was strong, kind and full of love. ‘Light In The Window’ is about the love that always shone brightly from Nana’s home”.

“Even though this song was inspired by my Grandmother – it’s definitely a song that everyone will relate to”.
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