Frankly the New Franklin is Fantastic!

Franklin Caravans launch their new factory with the help from Frank McGuire who is a respected member of Parliament for Broadmeadows.

Keir Smith (Director of Franklin Caravans) announces the grand opening of their brand new factory located in the Northern Suburb of Victoria – Broadmeadows.

Thanks to the endless support from State and Federal Governments as well as Ford Australia, Franklin now have a new facility to produce their innovative and stylish caravans.

The iconic brand began in the 1950’s and now owns 7 dealerships which are spread across Australia. By expanding their family to North Victoria, another 26 new jobs have been created in addition to their current 130 workers for Franklin Caravans.

Furthermore the new facility will continue to manufacture Franklin Caravans from the chassis up by using 98% of their materials supplied within Victoria and 74% of those materials supplied locally in the Hume area.

Frank McGuire declares how proud he is to officially open the new facility in the strong, resilient community of Broadmeadows for a business who take a greener outlook on their manufacturing process and being able to cut their costs by utilising solar paneling in their vans.

Frank continues by explaining that introducing this new facility they are creating new jobs, better futures and providing a broader lifestyle for many Australians.


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