Content Hub Go RV Launched!

Do you struggle to reverse your caravan? Do you want some campfire activities to share with your kids? How about tips to determine Go RVthe correct pressures for your caravan tyres?

Or perhaps you’ll simply enjoy watching hooligans attempting deep water crossings in family sedans.

Australia’s newest RV lifestyle website and e-magazine, (headed by former Caravan World magazine editor Max Taylor and RV industry stalwart Grant Manson) is now up and running.

Dedicated to producing the most relevant articles, features, video and commentary about the RV lifestyle and industry. Their aim is to become a voice for caravaners and the industry alike.

Go RV is proud to be firmly supported by the crew of Cameron Damon Media, in particular James and Adriana Manson, whose exceptionally creative talents will be put to good use as they grow.

They’re much more than just another website, they’re a content hub, with bespoke Go RVversions of Go RV’s articles available to other RV magazine and digital publishers. And then there is the e-magazine, which will initially be sent every six weeks to a sizeable audience of RVers.

The launch of is just the beginning, while their site is in its early stages, there’s plenty to check out and there’s a lot more to come. So stay tuned for their first e-magazine (available early next year) and watch Go RV grow into an informative and entertaining platform.

Visit their website: