Why Camplify will make you question everything!

Do you want to know how your RV could earn between $280 – $2100 per week? Camplify has the answers!

Every year, RV owners in Australia spend millions of dollars on registration, insurance, storage and maintenance fees. After all these expenses, the average person only gets to use their RV a couple of times per year. Every hour that your RV sits unused is costing you money. That’s where Camplify shines…


322 – Days per year most caravans go unused

$50,000 – The average price of a new caravan

$799 – The average cost of caravan insurance

$698 – The average annual maintenance cost

Still not sure if it’s worth it? Check out how much your RV could earn by using the calculator!

They connect with caravan owners who wish to hire out them out and work together to ensure a safe hiring environment!  JUST LIKE AIRBNB, but for caravans!

Benefits include:

  • Free To List
  • Full Hiring Insurance
  • Flexible Hiring Options
  • Set Your Own Pricing
  • You Approve All Hires
Help others experience the joys of camping today, by registering your RV with Camplify!

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