Chairman’s Award for Service to the Industry 2017 Announced!

Congratulations to the three recipients of the Chairman’s Award in 2017 for service to the national industry.

Sven Mannfolk, Andreas Bischof, and Josh Carnavas all received the Chairman’s Award at the 2017 National Conference!

Sven Mannfolk and Andreas Bischof!

Sven and Andreas are both retired and highly respected industry veterans.  Sven is the previous Managing Director of AL-KO International and Andreas Bischof is the previous Managing Director of Dometic Australia.  Both Sven and Andreas have been at the helm of their respective organisations during a period of substantial change in the industry.  Their outstanding contribution, both through their individual support and more specifically through their financial contributions to their respective state associations and the national body has assisted in growing and securing the future of the industry.

Josh Carnavas!

Josh Carnavas, Operations Manager of Brisbane Camperland and outgoing Chair of the Future Leaders Committee of Caravan Industry Association of Australia was also recognised with this award.  Josh was the inaugural winner of the Future Leaders Award in 2014 before becoming Chair of the Future Leaders Committee.  Josh undertook the role of driving the Future Leaders Committee, which led to the creation of a forum to encourage youth engagement and interaction in the industry.  The success of the Future Leader Conferences since then is a testimony to both his efforts as well as to those of the serving and past committee members.

It is fitting to recognise Josh for his contribution to future proofing the industry now that he has stepped down from the Future Leaders Chair position, which Michael McIvor has taken on.  Youth Leadership is now entrenched in the strategic direction of Caravan Industry Association of Australia through Josh’s persistence, determination and the momentum that was gained through his valued leadership.