Tow Safely with AL-KO!

AL-KO Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is now available for caravans fitted with AL-KO hydraulic disc brakes to ensure towing made safely.

AL-KO believe they are the leaders in caravan axles, brakes and components and have announced that their Electric Stability Control (ESC) technology is now also available for installation to caravans with AL-KO hydraulic disc brakes.

Since it’s release for caravans with electric brakes in 2012, AL-KO ESC has revolutionised towing safety in Australia – automatically applying the caravan brakes to help maintain control in the event of dangerous towing instability.

In an emergency event where the ESC is activated, the ESC unit can now deliver the brake control signal to the AL-KO 1Q7 actuator which converts this is a corresponding hydraulic pressure to activate the brakes. This solution is similar to the operation of power assisted disc brakes found in modern passenger vehicles and offers smooth braking and a fast response time.

Now available for caravan manufacturers to fit to new caravans fitted with AL-KO Hydraulic Disc Brakes and AL-KO 1Q7 with an ATM of 1250-2000kg for single axle and ATM of 2000-4000kg for tandem axles.

If you are interested in more information visit their website!