Smart Caravan – Just released in 2016

Canterbury Caravans have a great range of new and used caravans for sale on display.

They provide caravan repairs for:

  • Golden Eagle Vans
  • Bailey Vans
  • Paramount Vans
  • Expanda Vans
  • Pop top Campers
  • Light Weight Vans and more!

The Uniqueness of Canterbury Caravans is they tend to work with their manufactures about ideas and the development of their products!

Canterbury is introducing Paramounts new Micro! Being only released this year, Paramount is very happy with the success the Micro has achieved! They listen to the public and produce what they want.

With the help from both Brisbane RV and Canterbury, Paramounts Micro has become a very popular van by selling a significant amount of vans at their first show – 2016 Melbourne Leisurefest. screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-10-40-08-am

With an endless amount of intriguing features, here are a select few:

  • 1 year Warranty
  • 2x External Speakers
  • 184 Lt 3 Way Fridge
  • Combo Shower/Toilet (Fibre Glass Shower)
  • Ibis 3 Air Conditioner
  • Cafe Seating
  • Mini Grill
  • Small Pullout Pantry
  • Safety Equipment
  • HV Antenna
  • On Road

The Paramount Micro is a compacted 15ft.6 lightweight Caravan weighing in at 1700 kilos, easily towable with a Reverse camera. Available with either a queen sized bed or single beds (which opens the van up) the Micro is an ideal van!

To see more on Canterbury Caravans visit their website

To find out more on Paramount Caravans and their new Micro visit their website