Roma has done it again!

Being one of the oldest established Caravan Manufactures in Australia, Roma have done it again, but this time they have produce the ‘Rookie’ 3.5.

Targeted at the buyers who are after something small and compact who aren’t looking to upgrade their car to suit their new van! Weighing in at 730kilos, the Rookie can be towed behind most vehicles!screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-2-21-15-pm

With the reputation of quality, innovation and customisation, Roma can build a caravan to your specific requirements, which are the qualities that helped to produce the ‘Rookie’ 3.5.

Features included are:

  • 1 piece body
  • 30inch Lager Flooring
  • Galvanise Chassis
  • Light weight

Producing models to suit family trips away to luxurious home away from home, from a weekend get away to a home on the open road, you really can’t go wrong with a Roma Caravan!

If you are interested in more information visit their website!