New Age Caravans 3 Year Structural Warranty

New Age Caravans have a habit of constantly reminding us that they are one of the clear leaders of the Caravan Manufacturing world – this time they have put their ‘money where their mouth is’ by offering their customers a 3 Year Structural Warranty! How is that for piece of mind!

This new Warranty is relevant to all caravans manufactured from September 2017, and it also comes with a free 12 months membership to New Age Assist road side assistance.

New Age Caravans are obviously very confident and proud of the caravans they manufacture. With extensive works across the board to ensure build processes and products are of the highest quality, New Age Caravans offer some of the very best products on the market to ensure owners can travel in luxury, comfort and style to create memories that last a lifetime.

With this new 3 Year Structural Warranty, you had best put New Age Caravans to the top of your list of brands to check out from September 2017.

To find out more please click HERE, or if you prefer please contact your local dealership.