What to look for when purchasing a new Caravan!

Looking to purchase a new RV, Motorhome or Caravan? Not to sure what to look for? Checking to see if it has the RVMAP Accredited Key, is the perfect place to start.

The RVMAP accreditation key means you are purchasing from a manufacture who has received accreditation through the Caravan Industry of Australia.

Manufactures need to commit to certain standards when designing and producing their caravans to gain RVMAP accreditation. These standards include:

  • Adhere to Relevant Australian Design Rules
  • Australian Standards
  • Relevant regulations

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-59-27-pmAll RVMAP Manufactures are also committed to work with the industry to increase standards as well as their own product. They also have extensive technical support to ensure their industry & product knowledge is continually up to date.

To help find RV’s, Motorhomes and Caravans which hold the RVMAP Accredited Key visit the Let’s Go Caravan & Camping website!