Why G&S Chassis is the way to go!

Macca explains why you can trust any caravan that has a chassis underneath from G&S Chassis.

The grass-roots of any solid building is its foundation. You take 1 shortcut in that process and you are bound to have a problem.

The construction methods into building a caravan are very similar to a house and you would have the same problem if you don’t put in the right foundations underneath.

About G&S Chassis

The team has over 40 years of experience in building the foundation (chassis) for your caravan. They have become the largest independent supplier of chassis in the industry. Passion mixed with state of the art machinery helps to produce top quality products. They are constantly implementing new processes and technology to improve their chassis.

Since 1971, G&S have been at the forefront of the manufacturers of caravan chassis and will continue to do that heading toward the future.

Make sure you possess the utmost beneficial chassis in the market by purchasing from G&S Chassis

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