Behind the Scenes at Austrail RV

Steve catches up with Marc from Austrail RV to check out where they make some of Australia’s most trusted chassis.

About 6-7 years ago, a caravan manufacturer moved into the founder’s factory and saw the opportunity to start creating caravan chassis.

The chassis is the foundation of the caravan, if the chassis is strong, durable and well-built you will have a long-lasting caravan. So those at Austrail RV focus on quality.

Being relatively new to the industry, they had to set themselves apart from the rest, and they’ve done that by building a straight, square and flat chassis.

Austrail RV works with a range of companies who do on-road vans and full off-road vans, such as:

just to name a few.

They continually aim to keep their business growing!

To learn more visit their website!